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Was lei164,49Now lei140,99
Was lei185,99Now lei157,99
Was lei122,99Now lei88,49
Was lei77,49Now lei34,99
Was lei76,99Now lei33,99
Was lei78,99Now lei36,49
Was lei108,49Now lei82,99
Was lei186,99Now lei154,49
Was lei187,99Now lei154,99
Was lei187,49Now lei153,99
Was lei186,99Now lei154,99
Was lei185,99Now lei159,49
Was lei185,49Now lei157,99
Was lei155,99Now lei129,99
Was lei155,99Now lei129,99
Was lei184,99Now lei157,99
Was lei175,99Now lei152,99
Was lei175,99Now lei151,99
Was lei129,49Now lei97,99
Was lei176,49Now lei152,99
Was lei105,49Now lei69,49
Was lei104,49Now lei67,49
Was lei122,49Now lei88,99
Was lei121,99Now lei87,99
Was lei120,49Now lei85,49
Was lei166,99Now lei148,99
Was lei92,99Now lei65,49
Was lei191,99Now lei167,49
Was lei196,99Now lei173,99
Was lei187,99Now lei167,99
Was lei184,49Now lei163,49
Was lei129,49Now lei97,99
Was lei175,99Now lei150,49
Was lei122,49Now lei88,99
Was lei104,99Now lei67,49
Was lei124,99Now lei93,99
Was lei139,49Now lei111,99
Was lei179,49Now lei160,49
Was lei264,99Now lei234,99
Was lei156,49Now lei128,99
Was lei129,99Now lei98,99
Was lei129,49Now lei97,99
Was lei90,49Now lei58,99
Was lei173,49Now lei152,99
Was lei40,99Now lei34,99
Was lei89,99Now lei61,49
Was lei173,99Now lei154,49
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