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Was lei119,49Now lei103,99
Was lei159,49Now lei92,99
Was lei452,99Now lei340,99
Was lei455,99Now lei334,99
Was lei339,99Now lei296,99
Was lei192,99Now lei107,49
Was lei309,99Now lei259,49
Was lei145,99Now lei125,49
Was lei216,99Now lei208,49
Was lei204,49Now lei114,49
Was lei349,99Now lei238,99
Was lei157,49Now lei89,49
Was lei698,99Now lei573,99
Was lei140,49Now lei74,49
Was lei256,99Now lei195,49
Was lei196,49Now lei109,49
Was lei158,99Now lei91,99
Was lei215,49Now lei125,49
Was lei123,99Now lei107,49
Was lei215,49Now lei124,99
Was lei207,49Now lei118,99
Was lei144,99Now lei80,49
Was lei144,99Now lei76,49
Was lei150,99Now lei86,49
Was lei149,99Now lei82,49
Was lei150,99Now lei86,49
Was lei125,99Now lei58,99
Was lei232,49Now lei140,49
Was lei152,49Now lei87,49
Was lei232,49Now lei137,49
Was lei235,99Now lei140,99
Was lei141,99Now lei77,49
Was lei196,49Now lei111,49
Was lei122,99Now lei107,49
Was lei143,99Now lei75,99
Was lei300,49Now lei251,49
Was lei127,49Now lei111,49
Was lei62,49Now lei55,49
Was lei154,49Now lei91,49
Was lei136,49Now lei69,99
Was lei150,99Now lei86,49
Was lei150,99Now lei86,49
Was lei153,99Now lei90,99
Was lei140,49Now lei74,49
Was lei140,49Now lei74,99
Was lei153,99Now lei89,99
Was lei196,49Now lei111,49
Was lei189,99Now lei102,49
Was lei46,49Now lei39,99
Was lei154,49Now lei86,99
Was lei162,99Now lei90,49
Was lei175,99Now lei117,99
Was lei137,99Now lei67,49
Was lei161,49Now lei89,49
Was lei144,99Now lei107,99
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