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Was lei83,69Now lei82,69
Was lei94,49Now lei93,99
Was lei153,99Now lei152,49
Was lei64,99Now lei64,49
Was lei180,49Now lei178,99
Was lei104,99Now lei104,49
Was lei248,99Now lei246,99
Was lei71,99Now lei71,49
Was lei204,49Now lei202,99
Was lei305,49Now lei302,99
Was lei63,49Now lei62,99
Was lei103,49Now lei102,99
Was lei203,49Now lei201,99
Was lei61,99Now lei61,49
Was lei75,49Now lei74,99
Was lei415,49Now lei411,99
Was lei244,99Now lei242,99
Was lei90,99Now lei89,99
Was lei83,99Now lei82,99
Was lei143,49Now lei141,99
Was lei77,99Now lei77,49
Was lei53,49Now lei52,99
Was lei50,99Now lei50,49
Was lei50,49Now lei49,99
Was lei83,99Now lei83,49
Was lei44,49Now lei43,99
Was lei44,99Now lei44,49
Was lei43,99Now lei43,49
Was lei95,49Now lei94,99
Was lei131,49Now lei130,49
Was lei131,99Now lei130,99
Was lei131,99Now lei130,99
Was lei190,49Now lei188,99
Was lei191,99Now lei190,49
Was lei191,99Now lei189,99
Was lei186,49Now lei184,99
Was lei104,49Now lei103,49
Was lei74,49Now lei73,99
Was lei75,49Now lei74,49
Was lei134,49Now lei133,49
Was lei70,99Now lei70,49
Was lei46,99Now lei46,49
Was lei192,49Now lei190,49
Was lei68,49Now lei67,49
Was lei238,49Now lei236,49
Was lei112,99Now lei111,99
Was lei119,49Now lei118,49
Was lei114,99Now lei113,99
Was lei173,99Now lei172,99
Was lei80,99Now lei80,49
Was lei856,49Now lei848,99
Was lei39,99Now lei39,49
Was lei41,99Now lei41,49
Was lei104,99Now lei103,99
Was lei193,49Now lei191,49
Was lei200,49Now lei198,99
Was lei104,99Now lei103,99
Was lei198,99Now lei197,49
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