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Was lei131,49Now lei113,49
Was lei131,49Now lei110,49
Was lei145,99Now lei129,49
Was lei147,99Now lei131,99
Was lei147,99Now lei131,99
Was lei146,99Now lei129,49
Was lei146,99Now lei128,99
Was lei149,99Now lei132,99
Was lei145,49Now lei127,99
Was lei148,99Now lei133,49
Was lei145,49Now lei126,49
Was lei147,49Now lei130,99
Was lei114,99Now lei87,49
Was lei132,49Now lei113,49
Was lei118,49Now lei98,99
Was lei132,99Now lei114,49
Was lei132,99Now lei114,49
Was lei132,49Now lei113,49
Was lei132,49Now lei113,49
Was lei132,99Now lei113,99
Was lei125,49Now lei107,49
Was lei41,49Now lei36,49
Was lei208,99Now lei208,49
Was lei36,99Now lei36,49
Was lei41,99Now lei36,99
Was lei42,99Now lei37,99
Was lei38,49Now lei37,99
Was lei322,49Now lei321,49
Was lei45,99Now lei38,49
Was lei40,49Now lei35,49
Was lei40,49Now lei35,49
Was lei39,99Now lei34,49
Was lei338,99Now lei338,49
Was lei40,49Now lei35,99
Was lei241,49Now lei227,49
Was lei506,49Now lei505,49
Was lei162,49Now lei161,99
Was lei161,99Now lei161,49
Was lei188,49Now lei177,49
Was lei229,49Now lei228,99
Was lei248,99Now lei234,49
Was lei55,49Now lei54,99
Was lei44,49Now lei39,49
Was lei52,49Now lei47,99
Was lei59,99Now lei55,49
Was lei217,49Now lei216,99
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