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Judgement Takeover


Was lei172,49Now lei171,99
Was lei257,99Now lei253,26
Was lei137,49Now lei115,99
Was lei216,49Now lei215,99
Was lei313,49Now lei312,99
Was lei320,99Now lei320,49
Was lei300,99Now lei299,99
Was lei474,99Now lei472,49
Was lei201,49Now lei200,99
Was lei307,99Now lei306,99
Was lei188,49Now lei187,99
Was lei171,49Now lei169,99
Was lei237,49Now lei204,99
Was lei181,49Now lei177,99
Was lei222,99Now lei221,99
Was lei196,49Now lei195,99
Was lei168,99Now lei167,99
Was lei136,99Now lei136,49
Was lei305,99Now lei304,99
Was lei228,99Now lei217,99
Was lei193,49Now lei188,99
Was lei210,99Now lei209,99
Was lei231,99Now lei230,99
Was lei231,99Now lei230,99
Was lei165,49Now lei164,49
Was lei247,99Now lei229,49
Was lei304,49Now lei303,49
Was lei210,49Now lei209,49
Was lei353,49Now lei352,99
Was lei236,99Now lei216,99
Was lei139,49Now lei136,99
Was lei159,49Now lei158,99

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