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Was lei151,99Now lei151,49
Was lei187,49Now lei186,99
Was lei338,99Now lei338,49
Was lei391,99Now lei390,99
Was lei296,99Now lei295,99
Was lei135,99Now lei135,49
Was lei289,99Now lei289,49
Was lei294,49Now lei293,49
Was lei263,99Now lei263,49
Was lei271,49Now lei270,99
Was lei369,99Now lei369,49
Was lei369,49Now lei368,49
Was lei386,99Now lei385,99
Was lei563,49Now lei562,49
Was lei242,49Now lei241,99
Was lei331,99Now lei331,49
Was lei200,49Now lei199,99
Was lei132,49Now lei131,99
Was lei375,49Now lei374,49
Was lei419,49Now lei418,49
Was lei378,49Now lei377,99
Was lei377,49Now lei376,99
Was lei372,99Now lei372,49
Was lei441,49Now lei440,49

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