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Was lei178,09Now lei142,56
Was lei384,99Now lei241,99
Was lei271,99Now lei235,49
Was lei152,49Now lei93,49
Was lei138,49Now lei84,49
Was lei121,99Now lei67,49
Was lei136,49Now lei72,99
Was lei183,49Now lei117,99
Was lei362,49Now lei331,49
Was lei198,49Now lei134,99
Was lei283,99Now lei247,49
Was lei357,49Now lei326,49
Was lei417,99Now lei389,99
Was lei405,49Now lei403,49
Was lei152,49Now lei99,99
Was lei97,49Now lei42,49
Was lei172,99Now lei147,99
Was lei176,49Now lei124,49
Was lei176,49Now lei122,49
Was lei271,49Now lei233,49
Was lei271,49Now lei235,99
Was lei271,49Now lei235,99
Was lei194,99Now lei146,49
Was lei211,99Now lei154,49
Was lei297,99Now lei262,49
Was lei114,99Now lei66,49
Was lei441,49Now lei419,99
Was lei94,49Now lei51,99
Was lei275,49Now lei247,49
Was lei416,49Now lei389,49
Was lei233,99Now lei186,49
Was lei477,49Now lei450,99
Was lei233,99Now lei186,99
Was lei435,49Now lei406,99
Was lei185,49Now lei142,49
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