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Battlefield 2042

Xbox Series X Games

Was lei248,69Now lei190,32
Was lei280,99Now lei278,49
Was lei103,99Now lei97,99
Was lei88,59Now lei50,38
Was lei397,99Now lei151,49
Was lei400,99Now lei151,49
Was lei255,99Now lei255,49
Was lei191,39Now lei181,89
Was lei98,89Now lei88,57
Was lei174,49Now lei173,99
Was lei149,99Now lei149,49
Was lei109,99Now lei108,99
Was lei165,49Now lei87,99
Was lei84,99Now lei83,49
Was lei75,89Now lei56,92
Was lei172,49Now lei170,99
Was lei149,99Now lei149,49
Was lei149,99Now lei149,49
Was lei202,99Now lei201,99
Was lei282,49Now lei281,49
Was lei228,06Now lei216,66
Was lei99,49Now lei94,99

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